Welcome to AM Ministries

The ultimate goal and purpose of A.M Ministries is to play a decisive part in preparing society for the coming Kingdom of God and through fearlessness and devotion we shall not be content with achieving anything less.

We shall also endeavour to expand the Kingdom of God on earth by restoring the relationship between prophets and kings. This monumental task cannot be executed by us as individuals alone; we rely on God’s favour and the renewed minds of our fellow believers, to build the Kingdom one willing heart at a time.


  • to assemble
  • to prepare
  • to advance
  • harvest
  • to gather the silver and gold
  • to build
  • of victory
  • to seek deeper spiritual dimensions
  • for kings and prophets to corroborate
  • of wonderworking power
  • to gain territory
  • to gain rulership


The Church is moving rapidly from a phase of teaching and preaching to training and equipping.

AM Ministries has a mandate to bring training and equipping to the Body of Christ through various seminars, workshops, and training programmes. In doing so, fortification and edification is brought to the Church.

Our heart is to help individuals, churches, ministries, and businesses to know who they are; and to be prepared for their respective callings, destinies, and their function within the Kingdom of God. We desire to see every ministry, church, and Godly business successful in their calling.

We believe it is the Father’s heart to restore His Church, whole nations, and every sphere of influence to its original design and Godly purpose. We have a passion to bring Godly restoration within the Body of Christ, and thereby to the earth itself.

We believe that business leaders play a very important role preparing the earth for Christ’s rule in this era. We also carry a mandate to help business leaders, bringing Godly insight and strategies to their businesses.

We have a passion to fortify the Nehemiah generation and to strengthen them in their destinies.

The Heavenly Courts are a very strong focus in our ministry, as we have been given a detailed perspective from the Lord as to how these Courtrooms operate collaboratively. We believe this is part of God’s strategy to bring forth victory for His Bride in these days.

We also bear a strong mandate for the media mountain as we continuously grow within this sphere of influence. It is our vision to use our media platform to bring Godly perspective to entire nations.

For His Glory and for His Kingdom!

“After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

Matthew 6:9-10