The Seven Heavenly Courts

 An Overview of the seminar

The main objective of the seminar is for the child of God to gain an overview pertaining to the complete and strategic navigation within the Heavenly Courtrooms, whereby the children of Light are properly prepared and equipped to advance the Kingdom of God by applying revelation knowledge, and in doing so with success, defeat the enemy.

This will be achieved by becoming familiar with the following categories regarding the Heavenly Courts:

  • the various rules within the Heavenly Courts
  • the divine authorities in the Heavenly Courts
  • the jurisdictional system
  • the authorities of the child of God
  • the function and workings of the various Heavenly Courts (Court of Mercy & Grace, Council of Judges, Parliamentary Court, Court of Times & Seasons, International Court, Mountains Court and the Supreme Court) through detailed and practical experiences.

It is also our hope, that this seminar succeeds in delivering the Good News to you, to announce the releasing of the captives, to bring forth recovery of sight to those who are blind, to bring deliverance and victory to the oppressed and to establish Heaven on earth in all your various spheres of influence.



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