The dawning of a new era – Jan 2017

The world is moving into its darkest hour yet. However, this is also the time in which the Kingdom of God shall rise with great power in an hour of miraculous power, such the world has not yet witnessed. This is also the hour in which great and powerful movements will be released on earth to assemble, prepare and advance the Body of Christ for the coming Kingdom of Glory.

This writing is a humble synopsis on the core vision of what God is busy doing on earth. It is by its very nature a revelatory vision and consists of the following five points, which was brought into life to accomplish the independence of the church, so that it may be able to function as the Lord intended in a world where the oppression caused by the enemy is on the increase:

  • the reformation of the church
  • the formation and establishment of new apostolic leadership counsels
  • the formation and establishment of the economy of the Kingdom of Light on earth
  • the founding of a new generation of prophets and teachers with worldwide authority and influence and
  • the awakening of the church

Above all, these movements are in existence to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and to prepare it for the coming rule of the Messiah.

“After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:9-10

The Bible explains and defines the nature of the church by means of two ideas or concepts. First, is the Greek word “ecclesia” meaning the gathering or assembly of a group of people for a common purpose.

Secondly, is the Greek word “koinonia” meaning fellowship and brotherhood in a community where everyone has something specific in common. It is a deed of open handedness and sharing that ensures solidarity and commitment. The church is currently mainly in the state of the “ecclesia”, but during the reformation (which has already commenced) the focus will shift to an environment that will be best described by the “koinonia”. Consequently, this will result in the formation of heavenly communities throughout entire societies. Owing to this, the Kingdom of God will be able to develop its own independent infrastructure on earth, and eventually its own economy as well.

The apostolic leadership counsels are movements that have already started to be established and are movements through which the boundaries that were created by traditions and religions will be bridged. It will also bring forth the correct and necessary collaboration between the various denominations. This co-operation and unity brought about by the apostolic leadership counsels will bring the church back to its true Biblical roots and will in turn create great stability within the church. Incredible victories will be achieved through the various ministries and missions that are going to be erected on these principles and foundations.

Ultimately, the Body of Christ will dispose of its own independent economy, which will grow perpetually and continually. This economy needs to be established to create a foundation for the coming Kingdom of God and will be built on the most important economic principle of all, which is that love is the dominating drive force behind everything. The reason why this economy will be established and built on love, is simply because love will never cease to exist and will always prevail. The Lord’s economy will never be able to collapse, as there will never be an end to the expansion of the Kingdom of Glory and the sheer purity and holiness will destroy any corruption.

It is a spiritual law that all the silver and gold on earth belong to God, but Satan stole the silver and gold, due to the fall of man. The Body of Christ must retain this silver and gold to be able to establish the Kingdom of God and because of this, the economy of the world we are familiar with, will collapse. It is important to know that only people who represent the Kingdom of God and who are filled and led by the Holy Spirit, will be able to recognise and understand this Kingdom economy. Those who are ignorant with regards to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the sovereignty of His Kingdom will succumb in their multitudes to fear. The day is indeed approaching where people will either be part of the advancement of His Kingdom on earth or, knowingly and unknowingly collaborate with the enemy in futile attempts to tear it down.

A definitive characteristic of movements of the Spirit is an increase in the love for the truth and the Word, and Holy Spirit appointed teachers will be responsible for igniting this love in the Lord’s children. They are going to minister and serve the church with a quality and understanding of revelation knowledge that is going to surpass everything that we were used to at any point in time. This knowledge, wisdom and understanding, which will be revealed supernaturally, will greatly assist in feeding the new movements which are established.

The Lord has released a prophetic wave which will provide specific direction and guidance for His church and the indicated direction will at times determine the difference between life and death. The quality and intensity of these prophetic revelations will multiply abundantly like we have not yet had the privilege to experience. Since the Biblical times up until now, prophets have largely operated alone, but we are now going to witness the prophets co-operating in groups where their strength is anchored in one another. The Biblical prophets were all prototypes of the various authorities and anointing that will now culminate to function as a united power. These prophets will not be as isolated as they had previously been and will receive their protection and steadfastness from being anchored securely on the mountain of the House of the Lord.

The coming awakening of the church of the Lord has regularly been prophesied for the past thirty years. Although it will form part of this awakening, these prophecies should not be confused with the coming revival which will have its origin in the most southern point in Africa. The church is the sleeping giant. There are currently people within the church who have already awakened and they are the ones who know how God’s Kingdom needs to be established, first and foremost, as they know what is expected. They are the ones who will lead others on the path of the awakening by teaching them their ways and inevitably this giant will also awaken. This will release an immensely powerful evangelical movement across the earth and in turn this will lead to the great “harvest”. The spiritual mindset and morale of nations will change and position the church to mightily prepare the earth for the King of Glory.

This is a call to every believer to accept their individual responsibilities by becoming knowledgeable concerning their Kingdom positions and what the Lord’s expectations are. Those standing within the pastoral authority and anointing will exact great influence within these movements and the ones who are blessed with redemptive gifts such as exhortation, hospitality and serving, will be of utmost importance.

This is a call to every true apostle of the Lord to take up their positions and to gather and assemble the appointed and faithful leaders who serve the Lord, to join the church of Christ in unity and to lay true Biblical foundations.

Prophets and teachers should recognise and obey the voice of His Spirit as He urges you to join hands and become a unified voice within the church, echoing the heart of the Father.

This is also an urgent message to those in the marketplace, the kings, to build God’s economy and to diligently seek Him in all their ways. Be ever vigilant not to be conformed to this world and endeavour to seek the true prophets of the Lord who have been prepared mightily to assist you in your calling to build His Kingdom economy.

Evangelists are called to be part of the great awakening and to reap the greatest harvest of all time and those who are already positioned are called to awaken those around them and to ensure that all are taught in these ways.

Are you part of the reforming church movement which will be establishing heavenly communities and to what extent are you assisting in fulfilling this Kingdom plan and purpose?

May the Body of Christ heed to the call of its Creator, and awake!

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