Kings, are you ready and willing? – Sept 2016

    To the anointed Kings of the Lord:

    God is blowing the winds of change in such a powerful and profound way, the likes, earth, has not yet experienced before.

    Heed to the warning, and be in position, to be done, with worldly temptations. Strive now, to be obediently seated, in His Heavenly places, and presence. Be seated in the Heavenly places, lest you be overcome by this world. Rest assured in the authority that is Jesus Christ, and know that the children of Light, overcomes by the grace of His salvation.

    For if we do not remain seated and locked upon the gaze of His grace, we shall be overcome by our adversary. Surrendering to Christ’s all-consuming love, we shall bravely excel in His will, and provide hope in abundance as we deny the world slumbering in hopelessness.

    In these darkest hours, His children, will rise from the ashes, shining a blinding light of victory and glory.

    But, even in the face of the greatest depression and calamity, heed to the warning of the Son of Man, not to succumb to any fear. May your hearts be ignited by His everlasting vigour and passion. And fight the Good Fight.

    Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which
    are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be
    shaken.” Luke 21:26

    We have reached the Valley of Decisions, from where we need to freely decide whether we will be led from the Kingdom of Light or darkness. Reluctance is not an excuse, nor an option.

    Our God is really making an effort to challenge His kings to remain unshakably loyal and true to Him. This will be done through an execution of wonderworking power by which they need to remain faithful to God, only, and should release a spirit to serve with excellence.

    His kings will be tried and tested until they bear the reflection of His Son, Jesus Christ. For, it is from this same reflection that the Father will trust His sons and daughters with the power He wishes to bestow upon them to remain unshakable.

    His chosen kings should always be willing and inspired to take up their daily crosses, in obedience, righteousness and honesty. Above all, they need to endeavour to love.

    Is your heartfelt intent to be concerned for your kingdom, or His? Most importantly, are you willing to sacrifice your kingdom for His?

    This is indeed the era of kings, and whether you are victorious in your quest, shall be determined by the extent to which your foundations were built upon the Lord, Jesus Christ. Knowing and passionately participating in an indefinite personal relationship with your Saviour, shall open all the relevant doors and ensure advancement. It is God Himself who determines the times and seasons and therefore of utmost importance that we seek His plans and purposes, continuously.

    And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:” Daniel 2:21

    This is the epoch during which we prepare the world to receive the King of kings in all His majesty and glory. The era of the kings will prepare the way for all.

    Characteristics of the “era of the kings”:

    A time of rulership (Light over darkness).
    A time to gain territory.
    A time of wonderworking power.
    A time for kings and prophets to corroborate.
    A time of war.
    A time to seek deeper spiritual dimensions.
    A time of victory.
    A time to build.
    A time to advance.
    A time to gather the silver and gold.
    A time for harvest.

    • Are the foundations of your kingdom built on Jesus Christ, the Word of God, the power of the Holy Spirit and the heart of the Father?Do peace, joy and righteousness rule your kingdom?
    • Do you carry a Godly testimony? Firstly, to your own household, secondly in your business environment (staff, clients, creditors, partners etc.) and thirdly to your church?
    • Was your business founded in Jesus Christ and do you live His vision and His dream for your business?
    • Are you seeking to build His Kingdom and His name, only?
    • Does your business portray the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit?
    • Do you consult the Holy Trinity in your decisions?
    • Is your business built upon biblical principles?
    • Are His thoughts your thoughts and do have the mind of Christ?

    The Lord revealed the following important things regarding kings:

    – Kings need to support one another indefinitely. Independence from the Body of Christ will not endure.
    – Kings will soar on the wings of the eagles (prophets) by participating in a relationship with the prophets through which the mutual relationship will be restored.
    – The spiritual law regarding the silver and gold signifies His all-encompassing ownership and authority granted to his Kings to establish His Kingdom, regardless of worldly pressures and calamities.
    – Innovative ideas and inventions will be imparted supernaturally to His ordained kings by which their kingdoms will become self-sustainable and sufficient and not having to rely on the world.

    It is imperative for His kings to co-operate and understand that the economy of God, is vastly different from the economy of this world. Expect and submit to the supernatural by completely surrendering to His plans and purposes.

    Pray in anguish as you ask your Father to reveal any hindrances that might deny you His ultimate plan and purpose for your kingdom.

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